Shiraz Art House

An Arts and Culture Institute

Shiraz Art House is an institution that produces art works and helps cultural events and activities to take place. Though founded in 2014, and one can say that it is a new institution, we have been using approaches and programs that the experts have provided us. We believe that in a city like Shiraz which is a famous cultural city, we should be able to hold more cultural activities and therefore there must be more places for activities like that.
Artists need a milieu to create art and influence society. So, we try to provide an artistic place for the artists who want to produce, exhibit and teach their art. In order to be able to do that we are counting on our well educated staff who work here, in a dynamic, friendly and artistic institution. We do not concentrate on the quantity but on the quality of the artistic works. Therefore, we manage the activities that we believe we can handle them great. In our journey, we welcome any ideas that makes our work better.
No. 32
Alley 3
Eram Blvd.
Shiraz Art House Phone: +98 71 36 29 09 99